Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Eastern Docklands

One of the most exciting things about living /being in Amsterdam is to see the effort and attention paid to creativity in architecture. Almost every building has a small touch to it that makes it all the more loveable. Otherwise it is the area, like the Olympic Village, that makes it remarkable because it is undertaken as a project, etc.

My favourite part is the Eastern Docklands these days... ;)

here are some photos to demostrate why as well as some info from "the official holland site":

"A well-hidden and surprising new area in Amsterdam is the Eastern docklands, situated between the Central Station and Zeeburger Island. In the past ten years it has developed into Amsterdam’s architectural showpiece [...] Formerly the heart of Amsterdam's industrial harbour, these four man-made peninsulas were built between 1876 and 1927 to provide the maximum length of quayside for Amsterdam's thriving docklands.
Now reborn as the cool place to live, an address on Java, KNSM, Borneo or Sporenburg "islands" is highly sought after by Amsterdam's trendy population. With their cutting edge architecture admired around the world and KNSM island's design shops it's easy to see why. Borneo island has sixty unique houses as a result of the 'Live in a house of your own design' project. The only things they have in common are their height, a door on the street side and a private area behind."

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