Friday, August 22, 2008

Urgent call for solidarity

Shocking repression in Turkey!

Greens, environmentalists, peace and nature supporters, and NGO's from all over the World gathered on the 9th of August to join the 20th international Ecotopia gathering being held at Sarikum nature reserve in Sinop, Turkey. Ecotopia gatherings promote sustainable ways of living, harmony with nature, and dıscuss social justice issues. This year, Ecotopia has supported local anti-nuclear groups, raised consciousness of nuclear issues and promoted alternative energy sources. However, for the last week, local police have been exerting supression on the camp by making regular visits, and following and intimidating participants outside of the camp.

On Wednesday 20th August, 6 internationals and 5 Turkish people were placed under custody while staging a peaceful vigil outside the Atomic Energy Agency (TAEK) in Sinop. Police have also shown supression towards locals of Gerze town who approached the Ecotopia camp to request solidarity against the Thermal Coal Plant planned for construction in their town. Today, the 22nd August, approximately 10 armed officers, ordered by the governor of Sinop, raided the Ecotopia camp to threaten forceful eviction if the sıte was not emptied within 3 hours. In summary, 2 days before our legal permit for he site ends, it has been forcefully demanded that we shut down activities immediately.

In Turkey, where democracy is regressing, the authorities do not tolerate the advocacy of their people to live a safe, sustainable and healthy life. In addition, authorities in the Turkish state and Sinop (where it it planned to build one nuclear technology centre and 3 Thermal Coal plants) are dısturbed by the increasing local attention on these projects, and are reluctant to allow people's awareness and knowledge to grow independently. As participants representing more than 30 countries, we are asking for your solidarity, and request you to send the following text to the Turkish authorities using the contact information given below.

For a nuclear-free world and a more democratic Turkey, let's block the phones and faxes of the Turkish authorities!

Ecotopia 2008 participants
EYFA (European Youth For Action)
SINYAD (Sinop Nükleersiz Kent ve Yaşam Derneği)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mahmud Dervis


Ey kızım seviyorduk seni
Şimdi yüksek suskunluğu bekliyoruz
Huş ağacından süpürgeler taşıyoruz
Üstümüzde öfkeyse dağıtırız... dağıtırız
Ah ondan... ne diye avuçlamadık göbeğini ufkun
Her uzanışında ellerini
Bizi boğmaya yeltendiğinde

Beyrut yok
Sırtımız önümüz denizin sırları yok

Kanımızı yitirene kadar evet
Anıların sözcüklerini yitirene kadar

Ancak söylerim şimdi yok
O son bombardımanda yok
O yer çukurda başka bir şey kalmadı yok
O ruh içinde kalmadı yok
Beyrut yok

Çev: Metin Fındıkçı