Monday, January 08, 2007

V2.A.P3= Sander's pics of Nusa Dua

Referring to the previous post, I've found out today that Sander has already named and "flicker"ed some of the photos from Nusa Dua. I know for sure that I took some of them, but surely he has the talent (and more experience) with his own camera.
The crab I was mentioning was certainly photographed by him for instance.
So were the full moon photos of our romantic dinner (which he felt out of place as he puts it -or thinks that he should) ;)This was the temple that we had as the view before the moonrise...
My picture at the Hyatt certainly wasn't taken by me either (I like this one. It's pretty rare that I look good OR like myself in pictures, this is somehow both).
And when I said the conference site was nice, this was what I meant...
But I must have taken at least this one: Sander with "the Bible"... I don't know what we would do without our beloved Lonely Planet (despite the night in Aloha Inn)Thanks Sander.

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Harro van Asselt said...

I think the Bible told us to go to the Aloha Inn to experience the real life in Kumai. Oh, I remember the good times with no light, lots of noise, and lots of mozzies :P