Thursday, March 29, 2007

blog closed till blogger solves its issues... (and me mine)

My life these days is hard to write on. I tried to post a few things, yet the new (non-beta) blogger did not cooperate and I don't have the time/energy to re-write them. This has to do with a few things. Some are circumstantial and some are personal.

First, I am trying to restore (re-install?) a few "extensions" gathered from my older selves and it requires to be worked out.

Second, I'm in a quite frustrating process regarding üç ekoloji (don't worry, there will be a new issue. it is being worked on..) and my job (which consists of a lot of organisational work these days, which I do not particularly enjoy although I understand the necessity).

Third, I am a little overwhelmed with arraging flights, visas etc. There will be a lot of travelling to be done in the next few months. At some point I will be in Turkey, although I will only have a few days and they are reserved to see family mostly. Then there is the US trip that I need to arrange the visa for.

Fourth, I am very busy. I dislike being busy, and yet for a few months (at least) there isn't much I can do about it. And it isn't just work. It is spring and social life in Amsterdam is reappearing, I will see Mattheus Passion with Witho (can't wait!), I'm trying to study Dutch (yes, by myself, and thanks to heather this time it is more structured. Don't believe Dutch people that say they have a) no grammer, b) too complicated a grammer that noone can understand, c) if you hear things around you you can miraculously start speaking Dutch)

Finally, I have recently been questioned and confronted to no avail by persons that know me best. I am not sure how to make use of all this insight, nor paying too much attention to what might easily become a personal crisis. No time to be depressed. And I doubt being depressed helps anything at all. So I read, and cycle around town, and keep myself busy while every now and then I find pathways to these deeper levels I have to focus on at some point.

Solitude is good. I am enjoying it.

But I will be posting less regularly for another while. Hopefully when I do, I will have LOTS to reflect on! :)

Till then!

ps. here is something I read and liked the other day (sheds some light on the conflicts of modern womanhood):
The Ally McBeal in us: The importance of role models in identity formation


Harro van Asselt said...

You were reading Henry David Thoreau, right? ;)

"I love to be alone. I never found the companion that was so companionable as solitude."

Sander Chan said...

I haven't been very explicit. But that'd be also the reason I only posted four times this year... But we'll organise a great (hell of a - would be inappropriate) conference ;-)