Sunday, July 22, 2007

Initial election results...

AKP gets the 68% of the parliament with only 47% of the votes, and guess what: it is the opposition parties who support this ridiculous 10% election treshold!

It's good to hear that Ufuk Uras
(Ist) is (most probably) elected but Baskin Oran (Ist), Ali Özdemir (K.Maras), and the Green candidates Bilge Contepe (Izmir) and Neriman Gül Eren (Bursa) couldn't make it.

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MSoareses said...

Hey my lost travelling friend!!! It would be so nice to hear about the elections with your own live words! When do get back to A'dam? I'll be keeping an eye on Turkish politics but then you must enlighten me! Miss you! M.