Tuesday, July 17, 2007

V8.P2. plans for the weekend...

TimeOut London suggests:
Dalí & Film (Tate Modern)
"Elsewhere, ‘Dalí and Film’ deploys paintings, short films, scribbled scenarios and photographs to make every possible connection between the artist and the cinema. When not cross-referencing the iconographies of his paintings and his films, the wall texts link his canvases’ vertiginous angles to Harold Lloyd’s slapstick, and his dramatic lighting to German Expressionism. The latter feels dubious, since Dalí was clearly hugely influenced by the hard light and shadows of Spain; and also because we’re not given sufficient info on, or any examples of, what Dalí watched."

Dutch Portraits (National Gallery)
"In some ways the National Gallery's 'Dutch Portraits' reflects our own preoccupation with status, not least when it comes to our scant appreciation of traditional portraiture, bygone fashions and knowledge of world history. I suppose they want us to look beyond our own shortcomings and presumably, past all those furrowed brows and beards, too."

State Britain (Tate Britain)
"recreation of the banners and placards of Parliament Square anti-war protester Brian Haw in the Duveen Galleries."

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