Thursday, July 26, 2007

V8.P4. Faversham

It was great to meet Paul (again), and his son Tau (for the first time) and to stay at their boathouse in Faversham.

It was the most quiet town I've ever seen in England and it had the most beautiful church tower (Although the abbey was dissolved by Henry VIII the nearby St Mary of Charity, Faversham Parish Church remains. It has an unusual 18th century flying spire, known as a crown or corona spire, which is visible for long distances), the oldest brewery in England, and a history of wars and destruction.

Wiki says:
The town of Faversham is known in Kent as a harbour and market community but is also at the centre of the county's brewing industry — home to Shepherd Neame, a brewery, acquired from the last heir of the Shepherd family by Percy Beale Neame in the 1840s. Abbey Street and the centre of the town include a remarkable collection of original medieval houses. Much of it was intended for demolition as recently as the 1960s, until the value of the buildings, now listed, was recognised and local people began a determined fight to restore and preserve the area.

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Sander Chan said...

What are you numbering for (V8.P4.)?

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