Wednesday, October 17, 2007

how to defend peace when everyone disagrees...

It is becoming increasingly difficult to even suggest peaceful solutions in Turkey these days. Major political parties predominantly claim that the only way out is to wage war against Iraq. Whoever disagrees, become targeted, are labeled as terrorist even when their only claim is a peaceful engagement in this political atmosphere.
The radical nationalist leader Bahceli explicitly suggests to treat the citizens of Turkey that demand peace in the same way that the "enemy" is treated in the approaching war (labeled as 'overseas operation').
(see today's Radikal for details) Is he actually suggesting that I should be killed because I don't want more people to die? Does he mean that the believers of political solutions (which have so far not been tried) should be targeted as well? Isn't he sick and tired of bloodshed? (rhetorical question, as the answer seems obvious...)


Vincent said...

I'm not into Turkish politics (hence I'm not even into Dutch politics) But did that radical nationalist dude really say something like that?? And didn't he get butchered (figuratively speaking) in the Turkish media after?? What happened to the people with brains?

Anonymous said...

they get depressed ;)