Monday, November 12, 2007

A sad trip to Arcachon

Wiki says
Arcachon is a commune of the Gironde département, in France.
Arcachon is a popular watering-place, with a fine beach and a mild climate, said to be favourable for invalids suffering from pulmonary complaints, on the Atlantic coast of southwest France, 34 miles southwest of Bordeaux and at north of the Landes forest.
At its south entrance from the Atlantic ocean, the Arcachon Bay is crowned by Europe's largest sand dune, the Dune de Pyla (or du Pilat), nearly 3 kilometres long, 500 metres wide reaching 107 metres in height, and moving inland at rate of 5 metres per annum.
(history and more...)

I think it was one of the most boring places I have seen, and that we were lucky to have missed our initial train and were late to get to Arcachon. Instead we could walk around another side of Bordeaux (for which, due to our obligations at Sciences Po we didn't have the time earlier), and agreed with Victor Hugo on his view of Bordeaux: "take Versailles, add Antwerp, and you have Bordeaux". It was rather pretty, but stinky. Here are some photos:
pics by Fari or me or Sander by his camera -mostly...
more to come on wine tasting soon...

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