Sunday, December 16, 2007

A visit to Groeningen

This weekend I have seen my first authantic Dutch wedding (in which BOTH the bride °°eefje°° and the groom °°frank°° was Dutch and I have joined more than the party, also the ceremony). and I have been to Groeningen for the first time. It is a pretty city with a large centre, and it didnt immediately give me the feeling provincial towns do, such as Utrecht. Another nice thing was the mix of etnicities and particularly age groups. that is hard to see here in the Netherlands.
Finally, I have been to the Groeningen Museum, and its contraversial building (which I try to demonstrate with the pictures).

I must admit, I have found the interior very impressive.
From the outside I would much prefer to look towards the central station of Groeningen, which is a really nice building, a replica of CS Amsterdam which one can hardly appreciate in these troubled times characterised by the construction of North/South line.

Two of the three exhibitions I have seen were fascinating (The collection was closed for some reason). But both require me to do some research, so that I can illustrate what I saw. In the meantime, if you ever go to Groeningen, make sure you drop by to see the Expressionist around Kirchner and Russian Legends and their depictions in books.

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