Friday, March 07, 2008

I woke up singing this song this morning...

It might be the effect of Matthäuspassion I listened to last night (but also could be attributed to the simple beauty of the lyrics). It was in a Romanesque church in Scheveningen, which sounded marvellous (the pics belong to this church). The Nieuwe Badkapel ("New bath chapel") in Scheveningen dates from 1915-1916 and was designed by W.Ch. Kuijpers, a relatively unknown architect. The building, built for the 'Hervormde Kerk' (reformed church), is shaped like a Greek cross, consisting of four similar arms in Rationalistic style, with in the front corners two towers with Jugenstil spires. The big windows clearly remind of the neo-Renaissance style.

Here on the stand
With the book in my hand
And truth on my side

Hand me my sentence
Ill show no repentance
Ill suffer with pride

If for honesty
You want apologies
I dont sympathize
If for kindness
You substitute blindness
Please open your eyes

Because my duty
Was always to beauty
And that was my crime

Feel elation
To know I can trust this
Fix of injustice
Time after time

If you see purity
As immaturity
Well its no surprise
If for kindness
You substitute blindness
Please open your eyes

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