Sunday, July 27, 2008

an account of July that passed (III)...

The Concert

Although it happened during Basak's visit, The Concert naturally required a post of its own. The Leonard Cohen Concert at Westerpark was one of the two concerts I decided to see at the beginning of the year (the other being Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds) and both were perfect concerts in their own way (I felt rather imperfect myself, in the sense that I could not see much, but hey, "I might be short but I'm a genius" reads the last t-shirt/present I received).

How can I write about this? I guess, at the end of the concert I felt blessed, (and everyone too) felt grateful. What more can a life-long adventure with music and poetry could bring someone? ahh.. I am not good with words, so I will leave it to his own...

here is one video for the fans...


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