Sunday, September 18, 2011 Israel at 60

I've come across a list, developed by in 2007, wherein 12 thinkers, writers and statesmen on how Israel will respond to its challenges over the next 60 years. Sadly, the only one worthy of blogging is that of Daniel Barenboim, the Internationally celebrated Israeli maestro...

For Israelis and Palestinians to live together, there are two possibilities: One is two states; the other, a bi-national state. A bi-national state is totally unacceptable to Israelis, because it would mean the end of the Jewish state. The two-state solution is becoming increasingly impossible because of the settlements. I'm pessimistic in the short term because I see neither of the two solutions actually working today.Thousands of Israelis go to bed at night and dream that they wake up in the morning and the Palestinians won't be there. And it's not going to happen. And thousands of Palestinians go to sleep at night dreaming they wake up in the morning and the Israelis will not be there. It's not going to happen, either.
I believe in the right of the Jewish people to live there. The Zionist idea was not meant to be an idea of a conquering nation that holds on to conquered territory for over forty years and builds settlements. If Israel is to be a state for the Jews, why hold on to territory where there are no Jews and artificially put them there, in settlements?
I find a carefree celebration of 60 years totally out of place. Jewish blood, Israeli blood runs through my veins, but at the same time my heart also beats for the Palestinians.
The rest of the list is here

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