Friday, May 11, 2012

My dissertation is out!

Finally, my book is out :) 
I will start posting bits and pieces in this blog, 
but if you feel the urge to read the whole of it, let me know... 
It is (of course)

This dissertation is about the introduction of sustainability partnerships into global environmental governance. Following their endorsement by the United Nations in 2002 as a legitimate governance mechanism, transnational partnerships have become mainstream and widespread across levels and issue areas of environmental governance. While this shows their mimetic success, this thesis reconsiders sustainability partnerships from the point of view of their desirability as a way of governing human interactions with the ecosystems of the planet. Accordingly, a critical methodology is employed, combining post-structuralist discourse theory and ecocriticism, while using the Global Sustainability Partnerships Database as a means to describe UN CSD partnerships and to clarify and prioritise research questions. The discourses analysed are privatisation of governance, sustainable development, and democratic participation. A long-term historical study of these discourses shows that these new, hybrid governance mechanisms fail to fulfil their promise due to the discourses that sedimented into the logics of partnerships.

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