Tuesday, August 28, 2012

True Blood's Season Finale: 5 stars for 5 great scenes

After a pretty lame season, True Blood did it AGAIN with Billith, Best Ever True Death, and "My light broke" scenes... 
Here are some shots with great entertainment value and my list of best scenes:

Number 5
Russell Edgington finally meets his true bloody death in the hands of Eric Northman, who looks dashing by the way and articulates what most viewers have in mind: “That felt even better than I thought it would.” (which reminded me the scene when Eric looks at Sookie and murmurs "Such a strange sensation when the reality matches what you've pictured in your mind so precisely" in Season 4...)

Number 4
Tara and Pam (finally) kiss.
Sookie: "Oh; Ok." (not looking so surprised while being so)
Jess: "I knew it!" (looking surprised)

Number 3
Bill/ith resurrects and Eric advices to Sookie: "RUN!"

Number 2
The Best Ever True Death Scene
I spy with my little eye, and poof! turns the vamp into Sam

Number 1
The fairy birth 
("My light broke" followed by an orgasmic birth scene wherein there is no blood involved whatsoever! yayy!)

Finally, the Special Award Goes to Eric and Jason for the scene I'd like to title
"That is my God given right as an American!"

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