Saturday, May 05, 2007

V6.P1. New York - New Jersey

The last three years, I spent the 4th of May on three different cities, and (if I'm not mistaken) three different continents.
Looking back, they were three incredible years of my life that changed and shaped me tremendously. the last one was rather painful at the beginning but it didnt end being self-destructive, although both psychologically (several times) and physically (twice) it got very close. I'm glad that period is over. It left its marks which will certainly heal, but in a very long time.

This year I am in New York City. I've a number of observations on NYC tht I want to write about, but as I've spent most of my week in the basement of the UN building I will wait till I look around a little more and try to figure out what is so impressive about it. So far it left me indifferent, which is rare between me and cities of this size and this peculiar a character. Today I was stuck with the idea that the sunshine in this city reminds me of the "American Dream": It is up there somewhere, but in the shadow of all the skyscrapers it is almost impossible to reach.

It is hectic, so much so that there is no time for details, so competitive that there is no space to feel depressed or sick, of such an enormous scale that it is very hard to feel of any significance, so diverse that there is no way of tracing back things to their origins and peculiar histories.

Despite the looooong way I've to make every morning and night, I'm happy to be staying in New Jersey. It's great to look at midtown Manhattan from across the Hudson River, particularly when there is a full moong reflecting over the river...

I will leave it to that for now. (I'm sure Sander is posting more stuff already)

ps. I know I skipped V.5. (the Barcelona trip).

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do not miss MOMA. please.