Saturday, September 29, 2007

Turkey Trip -Highlights...

My trip to Turkey was long and full, hence, I decided to touch upon the highlights.
One of the greatest highlights was of course, "the wedding". Ayturk and Scott got married in Denizli, and I was lucky enough to be able to share the moment. (although I sinned by not introducing them while I knew them both, they were kind enough to invite me after all...)
But it was as exciting and inspiring as the wedding to see old friends from my life in Japan! beloved friend Lara and dear ex- Sameer were the "witnesses" as we call them in Turkey. Emma and Chip were there, and so were other friends of Ayturk whom I never had the chance before. Then again there were acquaintances from Bogazici -my undergrad uni, who are always nice to see...
All in all, it was a wonderful wedding. More is to come, but for the moment, here are some pics from Sayaka's camera...

1 comment:

smack said...

Wow the surroundings look awesome. Nice place to get wed. Well hope you managed it all and had some fun.

Well might talk to ya soon.

cya x Smack

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