Thursday, October 04, 2007

Books I've been reading recently...

Crome Yellow
by Aldous Huxley

Crome Yellow, published in 1921 was Aldous Huxley’s first novel. In it he satirizes the fads and fashions of the time. It is the witty story of a house party at ‘Crome’ where there is a gathering of bright young things. We hear some of the history of the house from Henry Wimbush, its owner and self appointed historian; Apocylapse is prophesied, virginity is lost, and inspirational aphorisms are gained in a trance. Our hero, Denis, tries to capture it all in poetry and is disappointed in love.
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Binbogalar Destani
(The legend of the thousand bulls)
by Yasar Kemal

The best book I've read in Turkish in years...
It is about the dissipation of nomadic and peasant life with modernity exerting power in numerous shapes and forms...
Beautifully written. An epic masterpiece of the ones that lost against modern life-style.
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