Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Boston Museum of Fine Arts

Lovely museum, really nice building (the best horse sculpture I've seen on the entrance!), but most of all a wonderful exhibition (PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK, IT IS REALLY COOL!): "El Greco to Velázquez: Art during the Reign of Philip III"

"This groundbreaking exhibition examines a fascinating period (1598–1621) bracketed by the two giants of Spanish painting, El Greco and Velázquez. Discover the masterpieces of Philip III’s court and the artists who flourished during his reign.

To separate themselves from Philip II’s approach to governing, Philip III and his court "issued in a new style of grandeur" (in the words of their contemporary Gil González d’Avila), where gala celebrations, elaborate religious fiestas, building campaigns, and picture collecting were the order of the day. Much of the art produced at and for the court reflected this style, replacing the austere art created for Philip II with a more naturalistic and emotionally expressive art that became the hallmark of Philip III’s reign."

Another impressive collection was that of the musical instruments. (CLICK HERE TO SEE AND HEAR!)

And here are a few highlights, but more is on the MFA website...

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